Video Editing

How To Edit For YouTube

The Mango Street YouTube channel has been a great source for learning some new skills, or for teaching you more efficient ways of achieving certain effects. In this video, they show how they make videos in Premiere for the channel, which is a great insight into their workflow and process.

The Snyder Cut Versus Justice League: How Editing Can Change Everything

In 2017 Joss Wheadon's Justice League movie was released and for the most part, reviews weren't great. The movie seemed like a bad mishmash of conflicting ideas and tones, which lead it to be panned critically and it was also a financial disappointment. After years of campaigning, Zack Snyder's original vision is here and it feels like a different movie.

How to Remove Background Noise From a Video Using Premiere Pro

Depending on what you film and where you film it, you might not always have control of the sound and in particular, the ability to keep background noise to a minimum. If you have a video with background noise that you need to reduce, this excellent video tutorial will show you how to do it in Premiere Pro.

How To Create the Most Popular Music Video Effect

One of the most popular visual effects used in music videos at the moment is a reimagining of one of the more unusual tools in a cinematographer's bag. While you wouldn't be able to create the intended use of it in post, you can mimic the creative version rather easily.

How to Grade Canon C-Log Video Footage

Log is the manner of capture of choice for lots of videographers, as it gives a lot more dynamic range and creative freedom, though it takes more work in post-processing. This excellent video will show you how to grade Canon Log footage (though the lessons can apply to any brand).

Do You Really Need a Gimbal? Sony IBIS Versus DJI RS2 Gimbal

The technology inside cameras is growing at an impressive rate and even the older technology has been improved and refined to near-unthinkable levels. One such area is in-camera image stabilization (IBIS) to the point where it can rival a gimbal in certain situations. But just how many situations can modern IBIS compete with a gimbal?