How to Give Your Videos a Filmic Look With Color Grading

There are many ways to edit your videos and images, but one lasting method is in fact just to mimic the past. In this video, watch how one videographer color grades his work to get that vintage feel without sacrificing quality.

Lighting-Fast 4K Video Editing on a Small and Portable External SSD

In 2021, editing 4K, 6K, and even 8K videos has become more common, even for YouTube creators. Unfortunately, the higher-quality video also requires faster and larger hard drives. If you are looking for a 4T B external NVMe SSD that works on both Mac and Windows, you are in luck.

How to Make a DIY Overhead Light for Dramatic and Cinematic Scenes

You don't have to spend a fortune to have great-looking lighting in your images and videos, you just need to know what sort of light you want and how to create it. In this video, learn how to put together a DIY overhead light, perfect for dramatic scenes.

How to Build a Set on a Budget

An image isn’t just about a subject, such as a model, or the clothes or hair or makeup. A huge aspect of image-making is the setting or set design.

10 Must-Have Apps for Filmmakers

There is often talk about how great smartphone cameras are now — and I'm one of the people saying it — but with modern apps, they are so much more than their camera for photographers. Here are 10 apps that can improve and aid your videography.

Fstoppers Reviews the Zhiyun Smooth-Q3: The Best Smartphone Gimbal To Date

The capabilities of smartphones when it comes to photography and videography have improved to a degree where they are legitimately useful tools for professionals and enthusiasts alike. I got my hands on Zhiyun's Smooth-Q3 to put it through its paces, and the results surprised me.

Viltrox APS-C Sony E Mount T1.5 Cinema Lens Set First Look

If you are looking for an affordable set of APS-C Sony E mount Cine lenses, then this article may interest you. Viltrox has just released a new set of manual focus cine lenses for Sony E-mount APS-C cameras with a minimum aperture of T1.5.

A Year With the Canon EOS R5: Is It One of the Best Cameras for Video?

The Sony a1 and Canon EOS R5 hold the distinction of being the only two consumer cameras currently on the market that offer 8K raw video. And while the video specs of the EOS R5 certainly are mightily impressive, you might wonder how it performs in the real world, particularly with issues like overheating. This excellent video review discusses the camera's video performance over the course of a year, including 8K, 4K 120p, overheating, and more.

Is Blackmagic's Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro Worth the Investment?

Blackmagic's pocket cinema cameras have been a revelation for videographers with a tight budget and high standards. But their latest iteration, the 6K Pro, while boasting some amazing features, falls well short of being the perfect budget cinema camera — according to this professional videographer, at least.

How To Practice Cinematography at Home

The beauty of cinematography is that a lot of the requisite skills are practicable in your own home. In this video, watch as a professional cinematographer creates a high-end shot in his own house, walking you through every step.