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Richie Thomassen Shoots The Most Beautiful BTSV Ever

Let me begin by saying that this BTSV is not very informative. I usually only post videos that will help others learn but I must make an exception. This video is the most beautiful behind the scenes video I have ever seen. As creative professionals this video should be inspiring to us all on so many levels. Who would have thought that you could turn a simple photoshoot into a work of art. Thank you Richie Thomassen, you have given me something to aspire to. It is time to step up the video production of our BTSVs. Oh, and I almost forgot; the photographer is Wynn Ruji and his car portfolio is fantastic.

Jaguar XJ | Behind the Scenes from Richie Thomassen on Vimeo.

Do You Want To Be a Man?

On the heals of Isaiah Mustafa, we were sent this already viral video on a parody of the old spice commercial for the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU. Unfortunately, Old Spice does not film behind the scenes videos of their commercials so you are left only hearing about how it was shot after the fact (which is great nevertheless). Watch this fun video by Stephen Jones and Scott Winn over at on how they created a spoof of the original for their alma mater. Click the full post to watch the full version; it's almost as good as the Old Spice versions.
How They Filmed The New Old Spice Commercial

Everybody likes the old spice towel guy and his single take commercials right? Well they are some of the most popular commercials of all time because nobody can figure out how they were shot. It kills me that they don't film complete BTSVs of the whole process but we have the next best thing below. Isiah Mustafa, the towel guy himself, will walk you through it. Video Game - E3 2011 - Movies and TV
Walk Across America

Jeff Calbom just sent this amazing video over to us. This group of guys decides to travel across the US in 14 days while creating one of the most complicated stop motion videos I've ever seen. Nothing will ever be more complicated than this stop motion video though. You can view the BTSV below and the final product in the full post. /center>
Marty Martin Creates Supernova

The BTSV for this music video isn't very technical and normally I wouldn't post it but the final product is so good that I made an exception. Watch the music video below first and then try to guess how they filmed it, then check out the BTS in the full post. I was shocked when I saw the simplicity of the shoot. >
Aerial Photography By Mark Watson

Mark Watson is an 'extreme sports photographer' and in this video he has teamed up with Red Bull hanglider Jon Durand to produce some amazing photos as well as video. The idea was to mount a D300s camera to his hang glider to shoot both video and still shots while he sails through the Morning Glory cloud. The results are absolutely stunning! I hope Nikon includes the remote video hack described in this video in their next series of cameras. UPDATE: Mark shares more info about this shoot in the FULL POST!

Mark Watson takes on the Red Bull Glorious Days Project - Nikon D300S from My Nikon Life on Vimeo.

Youtube Play BTS

This BTS video was created to show how Director Jonny Kelly created his 38 second animation. View the full post to see the finished product. /center>
Sam Nicholson's Short Film "World Cup"

As a photographer, I really enjoy seeing how the film guys approach their filming and there is no better way to learn than to watch behind the scenes of some larger productions. Check out what Sam Nicholson and his team of videographers did with the new ARRI Alexa Camera in their short film called "World Cup". Click the full post to see the final product. /center>
Mark Romanek Gives Commentary On NIN's Closer Video

Mark Romanek is one of the all time greatest music video producers. His vision for Nine Inch Nail's Closer video created a lot of controversy back when it was released in 1994 but now lives on as one of the greatest music videos of all time. I can still recall the first time I saw this on MTv and how it made me feel. Check out this long behind the scenes video of Mark and Trent Reznor talking about the concept for the video as they work towards filming something that had really never been done at the time.

NIN: The Making of the "Closer" Video from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Amir Valinia Shoots A Music Video With The iPhone

Yes, this has been done before; but never this big. Amir took things up a few notches by shooting Paul Wall's new video "I Need Mo" featuring Travis Barker. I hope that Amir gives this another shot now that the iPhone 4 is out. The video quality is stunning on the new phone. View the finished music video in the full post. /center>
Giuliano Bekor shoots BeBe campaign at World Cup

If you aren't familiar with fashion photography, Giuliano Bekor is one of the top photographers in the industry. Watch as Giuliano demonstrates the correct way to jump after a soccer ball while wearing ridiculous fashion clothing. We also featured another BeBe fashion shoot he did with crazy African animals that you should probably check out after watching this photoshoot. I figured this was an appropriate post for Monday since Spain just wrapped up the World Cup yesterday (and it seems I dropped the ball on my earlier post today). /center>
Patrick Boivin Creates "AT-AT Day Afternoon"

I have been on Vimeo for probably an hour going through one terrible BTS video after another. There is so much talent out there but so many of these videos have no details and are so boring. That all changed when I ran across Patrick Boivin's "AT-AT Day Afternoon." The BTS video has no talking but it is still totally informative. The finished video is in the full post and it is AMAZING.
Dodge Challenger Commercial:  Happy 4th

Hope everyone in America is having a happy 4th of July. Thought you guys might get a kick out of the latest Dodge Challenger Behind the Scenes commercial. Thanks to Thomas on the forum for sharing this with us! Click the full post to watch the final commercial. /center>
Michael Koerbel Directs A Video....On The iPhone 4 (Update)

This video is great not only because it is a solid video and has a behind the scenes video built in right at the end, but also because I think it goes to show that even with a relatively cheap phone you can shoot amazing HD footage for your BTS videos. I know a lot of our readers are iphone users (or android) so this video should help inspire you for our BTS Contest that ends August 1st. Now instead of having to find a friend who has a pro video camera or DSLR with video, you only have to find someone with an iPhone 4! Hope you guys enjoy watching this and can appreciate the team's creativity despite the 'limiting' camera gear. Update: New music video added to the full post. I actually find it much more impressive although it was not edited within the phone.