Fstoppers Reviews the StellaPro CLx10

I’ve used a ton of constant lights. What they almost always have in common is that they just aren't powerful enough to keep up with the majority of shooting conditions. The StellaPro CLx10 solves that problem plus so much more.

How to Efficiently and Effectively Shoot Wedding Family Formals

Wedding photography requires you to be at the top of your game, as there are a lot of must-have shots and no second chances. One of the most important sets of images is the family formals, and this helpful video tutorial will show you how to shoot them quickly, effectively, and with as little stress as possible.

5 Helpful Wedding Reception Lighting Tips

Unfortunately, wedding reception venues are not really designed with photographers in mind and are often quite dark, but your clients will still expect high-quality photos of their special day. So, how can you ensure that you are getting top-notch images? This helpful video tutorial features a seasoned wedding photographer sharing five tips to improve your wedding reception lighting.

Want to Be a Better Wedding Photographer? Try Street Photography

Wedding photography is a challenging, high-pressure genre, and anything you can do to be as prepared as possible will help you to ensure that when the big day comes, you can deliver the shots your clients want. One way to improve your abilities that you might not have considered is street photography, and this excellent video will show you why you should practice it.

5 Things You Should Do Before Every Wedding You Photograph

Wedding photography is a high-pressure genre in which being prepared in every aspect is crucial to ensuring success when the big day arrives. This excellent video tutorial features a seasoned wedding photographer discussing five things you should do before every wedding you shoot.

Capturing Moments in Wedding Photography Using Waffles

Today we’re going to discuss how WAFFLES will make you better at capturing moments in wedding photography. Yes, you heard me right. Delicious, warm, smothered in syrup waffles! Actually, it’s an acronym, because who doesn’t love a tasty acronym?

5 Things Every Wedding Photographer Should Do After a Wedding

Wedding photography is a challenging, high-pressure genre, but the work does not end once you leave the venue for the night. There are some crucial things you should do after every wedding to give your business the best chance for success, and this excellent video discusses five of the most important.

Wedding Photography: Is Life Better as a Second Shooter?

Wedding photography is a rather polarizing genre, with many people warning against getting into it due to its pressures and expectations. But for those who have an interest in it but might be put off by its demands, there is another option: being a second shooter. This excellent video discusses five reasons why being a second shooter might be the best choice for you.

7 Easily Missed Wedding Photos and How To Make Sure You Get Them

Wedding photography is a high-stakes genre, with a lot of must-have shots for which you do not get a second chance. This excellent video tutorial discusses seven easily missed wedding photos and what you can do to make sure you get all the shots.

What Gear Do You Need to Photograph Your First Wedding?

A lot of new photographers view weddings as an easy way to break into professional photography while making a lot of money with minimal time, effort, and gear. As a professional wedding and portrait photographer, I can tell you part of that is true.

5 Common Traps New Wedding Photographers Fall Into

Wedding photography is a challenging genre that requires you to be at the top of your game in every facet. If you are new to it, it can be easy to make mistakes along the way. This excellent video tutorial discusses five common traps new wedding photographers fall into and how to be better by avoiding them.

6 Lighting Setups To Take Your Reception Images To the Next Level

Reception lighting is where most photographers struggle the most. The chaos of the dance floor mixed with low-light shooting conditions make for a constant struggle. But these six lighting setups will help you take your reception images to the next level.

Five Pieces of Gear That Will Change Your Wedding Photography

What are the obscure items that you carry with you on the day of shooting a wedding that make the day run smoother or make your results that little bit more pro? Here are five things you might not have thought of that could make a big difference.