Videographer Captures Beirut Blast During Wedding Photoshoot

Dr. Israa Seblani, the bride in the video, was posing for her wedding shoot in Beirut on Tuesday when the blast hit. The wedding photographer, Mohammed Nakib, was able to capture the shockwave from the blast in the video linked above.

Can You Be a Wedding Photographer as an Introvert?

Wedding photography takes the ability to interact with and direct numerous people over the span of sometimes 12-16 hours, and it can be an exhausting experience even for the most extroverted of those among us. Many creatives tend to be introverted, however, which may leave you wondering: if you are an introvert, should you avoid becoming a wedding photographer? This great video discusses the topic.

Your Next Piece of Gear in the Time of COVID

Gear is a central piece of a photographer's day-to-day. Certainly, gear articles make up a large portion of what we write about here on Fstoppers. What if your next piece of gear was really important, like life or death important?

Can You Shoot Professionally With Just an iPhone?

There are dozens of articles pitting iPhones against typical pro-grade cameras. Dozens of iPhones shootouts. But, what happens when a professional photographer actually relies on an iPhone to shoot and deliver work to clients?

Building a Wedding Photography Portfolio in a Pandemic

It is quite an uncertain time for wedding photographers. We don’t know when our next event will be or what weddings will look like in the near future. What we do know is that people will still be getting married one way or another. However, it can feel creatively exhausting to go for months on end without photographing what you love.

Ways to Keep Cash Flow When Your Wedding Photography Bookings Have Postponed

It is a difficult time for wedding photographers in 2020. Wedding bookings, for the time being, have postponed or canceled. Many couples in the United States have shifted their wedding dates to 2021, leaving wedding photographers without thousands of dollars of anticipated income for the rest of the year. So, how can wedding photographers keep cash flowing into their business during COVID-19?

How to Book More Wedding Clients With a Photobooth

I know a lot of wedding photographers that buy a photo booth in order to make a little more money from each client. While this is definitely a great reason to buy one, there are a few ways to use a photo booth that can help you book more clients instead of just making a little more money.

Ohio Allows Wedding Receptions Up to 300 Guests Starting June 1

Ohio wedding photographers, rejoice! Maybe. Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced starting June 1, 2020, the state of Ohio will allow weddings of up to 300 guests. This announcement is part of Governor Mike DeWine's administration's ongoing strategy to ease up on social distancing rules set at the start of the outbreak.

How to Live Stream a Wedding

Given the current situation, it is quite possible that it will be a very long time before we see normal weddings with large audiences again, which means workarounds, such as live streaming, need to be found. There is an opportunity for wedding videographers in this, however, as live streaming can be a great service to add to your offerings, and this great video will show you various setups to get you up and running.