Create Better Light and Airy Photos by Avoiding This Mistake

The light and airy look is a wonderful style and one that is highly popular with a lot of clients right now. However, many photographers trying to emulate it make a mistake that derails the image. This great video will show you the common mistake, how to fix it, and some helpful editing tips for getting the best possible results.

Contract Cancellations During COVID-19: How Are You Handling Them?

What do you do when all of your contracts for the year are canceled in a matter of weeks? Regardless of how well-drafted your contract is, do you consider damage to your reputation when you think about holding clients to dates and payment schedules?

How Pro Photographers Are Staying Creative During Lockdown

This is undoubtedly a crazy time for photographers. There's no work, and we can't stretch our creative muscles as often as we're used to. How are the pros coping? Many pro photographers are using their photography skills to create something they'd never normally have time to do, and the results are remarkable.

Filling Income Gaps for Wedding Photographers During COVID-19

Wedding photographers are being hit hard during COVID-19/coronavirus shutdowns. With events anywhere from 100, to 50, to 10 people being shut down, dependent on the city, couples and photographers alike are scrambling to pick up the pieces. With the coronavirus switching things up for the peak of wedding season in many markets, it has left wedding photographers wondering how to fill the gap. Until it’s safe to resume with events, there are other ways to fill it.

Ideas for Wedding Photographers During COVID-19

COVID-19 is causing lots of uncertainty, especially for wedding photographers. Wedding photography often puts you in a room with 100, 200, even 300 people who have often been traveling. It’s no surprise that this pandemic has had a major effect on the weddings industry. Many photographers are facing postponements, cancellations, and halted bookings. In a time where no one is certain on the next steps, let’s talk about keeping your wedding photography business moving.

Destination Wedding Photographers: Are You Breaking the Law?

How many photographers do you know who travel to different countries and photograph weddings in beautiful and exotic locations? The question is: are those wedding photographers legally allowed to work outside of their home country, or are they rolling the dice on having their equipment confiscated and them being blacklisted from entering that country again?

3 Creative Ideas to Attract Wedding Photography Clients

The top question that haunts wedding photographers is: how do I get more clients? When it comes to wedding photography, get creative with your marketing tactics. These ideas to attract wedding photography clients will refresh your routine and expose you to clients you may not otherwise reach.

Common Wedding Photography Pricing Myths

Wedding photography is a tricky and demanding genre, and the business side of it can be just as difficult as the shooting itself. If you are looking to improve your wedding business, this great video discusses several common wedding photography pricing myths and what you should do instead to ensure you are putting as much money into your pocket as possible.