How to Make Money and Create Something

Trading or selling your time for money has long been viewed by classic economics as a losing proposition. As a professional wedding photographer, it’s typical to sell your time in hourly blocks. There are only so many hours you can sell, so how do you break through this earnings ceiling?

Check Out This Incredible Behind the Scenes Look at Filming a Wedding

Wedding videography is a grueling, difficult job full of all sorts of challenges of both the creative and technical variety, and watching a skilled videography team can be tremendously instructive whether you are new to the field and looking to learn or a seasoned master looking for new tricks and ideas. Check out this incredibly comprehensive behind the scenes look at everything that goes into filming the big day.

Go Behind the Scenes With a Wedding Photographer and Off Camera Flash

Weddings are a nonstop whirlwind of technical and creative challenges, and the more knowledge and tricks you can have for both categories, the better. This awesome video follows a photographer behind the scenes at a wedding and focuses on his use of off camera flash to help you learn how to quickly and effectively turn dull and drab lighting into professional images no matter where you're shooting.

How to Go From Boring to Dynamic Wedding Guest Candids

Whatever is your wedding photography style, inevitably, a part of your final gallery will be filled with photos of guests. So, how can we make them less dull and repetitive? How can we "wow" our clients?

An Off-Camera Flash Tutorial for Wedding Photographers

One of the most important skills any wedding photographer needs is the ability to quickly and effectively use artificial light in both a practical and creative way, whether it's to supplement or supply the light for a scene. This great video will show you a few techniques, tips, and tricks for using off-camera flash in wedding scenarios.