Pye Jirsa Explains Why These Are the Two Lenses You Should Own First

When we think of "need to own" lenses, sometimes we ignore the utility for the aesthetics. Other times, when looking at new equipment it really comes down to the usability of a lens and whether it should be taking up space in your bag. If you’re trying to make those decisions now, Pye Jirsa may be able to help.

Earn More With Better Album Workflow and Sales

Recently, I teamed up with Ted Linczak to discuss a simple source of revenue that many wedding photographers fail to utilize well: wedding albums. Ted adds tens of thousands of dollars to his business every year with a few simple workflow and sales techniques. In this video, he shares some of his tips.

How to Make Great Wedding Images in Not so Ideal Conditions

If you are a wedding photographer, then at some point in your career you will be faced with the challenge of making great images with conditions that are less then ideal. These tips can help you make the best of any situation.

Four Lesser Known but Very Helpful Tips for Wedding Photographers

Being a wedding photographer is tough enough, but there are some small steps you can take to make your job easier that really add up in the long run. This helpful video will give your four lesser discussed ideas to make your wedding photography life just a little better.

The End for the Business of Photography?

The rise and democratization of digital photography over the past 15 years has been, I would describe, as one of the most socially changing movements in the world, ever. Though the cellular phone may have been the initial catalyst, the camera accompanying that communication device has now allowed billions of people to interact and share worldwide events from a nation's political upheavals to the birth of their own child. With sales of standalone cameras dropping nearly in half in the past seven years, has photography changed for the better, and is this the end of making money in photography?

Wedding Photographers Reveal 'Red Flags' That Indicate a Doomed Marriage

Wedding photographers have been discussing what they describe as the biggest “red flags” when shooting a couple on their big day that signify the marriage is unlikely to last. Taking place on a Reddit thread (where else?), many of the contributors agreed on tell-tale signs of a doomed partnership.

Eva the Robot Photographer Just Shot Her First Wedding

After initially launching a couple of months ago, Eva the Robot Photographer has officially shot her first wedding. Using facial recognition technology, she is first able to recognize guests before asking if they would like their photo taken.

Wedding Photographer Documents Man Pushing Piano to the Eiffel Tower for His Big Day

Recent years have seen the internet awash with outlandish wedding and engagement shoots, with photographers venturing to incredible locations for their backdrops. But Priscila Valentina recently decided to shoot an unconventional set-up, enlisting a model in order to document him relocating a piano to the grounds of the Eiffel Tower to sing his vows on his wedding day. The series of images are a stylized shoot in response to the Paris riots.

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer to Pay Out $14,000 After No-Shows

A Wisconsin-based videographer is being sued for repeatedly not showing up to his clients’ weddings. A group of women are now claiming they paid more than $1,000 for wedding services, which ranged from the videography itself to other services like DJs.