Getting the Perfect Beauty Shot

Looking for the perfect beauty shot? In this video, Daniel Norton takes us through his way of lighting the subject in order to achieve the "beauty shot".  

From billboards, posters, and promotions to social media campaigns, beauty shots are always a requirement from commercial photographers. In this particular video, Daniel Norton talks about shooting "real people", celebrities, and anyone else who doesn’t usually model. Taking a step by step method to show how each light affects the picture, we get an idea of how we could use the same setup for our own style. This also offers a lighting setup which acts as a starting point to further explore the genre of commercial beauty shots.

Starting with a single light, there is a change in the shape of the face and the subject's features as Norton keeps adding, changing the positions and the source of the light. It is all about trial and error as he keeps experimenting to attain that perfect shot. And of course, towards the end, there is plenty that you could achieve in the post-production table. It is also important to note that the perception of beauty shots vary from client to client and photographer to photographer. Check out the video to further understand Norton’s beauty shot setup. 

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