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Hasselblad Continues CMOS Craze with 200 Megapixel H5D-200c MS

As one might expect (though perhaps not quite so soon after the H5D-50c announcement), Hasselblad has taken to Instagram to announce the H5D-200c MS, a 200-megapixel, multi-shot variant of the H5D-50c. The camera, which can still produce normal 50-megapixel stills at 6200 x 8272 pixels, also ads 4- and 6-shot capabilities for applications such as fine art reproduction, product photography, and more. At its highest resolution, the 200c MS produces massive and glory-clenching 600MB, 16-bit TIFF files.

With the same CMOS back as its little brother, the 200c MS still offers astounding medium format ISO performance range of 100-6400. While I haven't seen any actual figures, the pixel dimensions for those 200MP files should be in the neighborhood of 12,300 x 16,400, if not just a hair more.

For more information, visit Hasselblad's H5D-200c MS page or the data sheet.

Click for larger size.


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Noam Galai's picture

200 MegaPixels? im in! Hey Hasselblad, let me know if you need my address.

Adam Ottke's picture

Ha. Seriously. I was considering the usual questions.... But then I couldn't even finish the question in my head... I really don't need to ask anyone, do you think you would want one? :-)

Michael Comeau's picture

I will buy this in 2025 when it's $500.

Alex Cooke's picture

Are they giving away free RAM with every purchase too?

Jennifer Kelley's picture

Seriously. I think my computer may go on strike just from reading this article.

louis dube's picture

lol i can scan negativ up to 648mpx (22.4go) each photo a 2400$ pc will do th job easly whit 64go of ram and anyway photoshop dont use ram he use free harddrive space (i put a ssd whit only photoshop on it and its run easy) so 200 should not be to bad

Alex Cooke's picture

Incorrect. Photoshop uses RAM to process images and will use the HD as a scratch disk in cases of insufficient memory. This is directly from Adobe:

"Photoshop uses random access memory (RAM) to process images. If Photoshop has insufficient memory, it uses hard-disk space, also known as a scratch disk, to process information. Accessing information in memory is faster than accessing information on a hard disk. Therefore, Photoshop is fastest when it can process all or most image information in RAM. If possible, allocate enough RAM to Photoshop to accommodate your largest image file."

louis dube's picture

i have go 64go (socket 2011 asus P9X79 WS) of ram its always send me scratch disk when my ssd left 6go of space since i move photoshop alone on a ssd (250go) no scratch disk anymore max file i create is 18go

Nathan Hamler's picture

Sooooo can someone explain to me how this stitches the images? Does it stitch them in camera? Or do you have to just stitch them in the Phocus software after the fact (if the software even has the capability).....i mean, people have been doing "Brenizer Panos" for years...i just did one this past weekend, 50 images....if i stitched it together at full resolution? Prob be easily 200 mp, if not more....

Adam Ottke's picture

The back will shift the sensor by 1/2 a pixel or a full pixel as it captures each shot, automatically outputting a 200-megapixel image.

David Kelly's picture

make a camera to make big photos and they showoff a 270pix image on their site, kinda ironic haha

Stevie Reid's picture

My computer crashed just reading the article...

Samten Norbù's picture

600Mb per file ...
one hard drive per shoot ... plus a crazy amount of ram on a hyper-boosted mac pro ...
Sure I'm in ;)

Lowell Mason's picture

**resizes image to 72DPI and 2048px for facebook**

Anonymous's picture

No need going to to the moon to photograph it

Richard Johnson's picture


Von Wong's picture

200mp is misleading as both camera and object need to stay completely static for a long period of time before it can actually create and stitch the image. Means that it can only be used for static product or landscape stuff

Anonymous's picture

At the moment it will be, but the technology will go so fast in the coming years. This is only a beginning.

Anonymous's picture

Thank you for clearing that up!

Spy Black's picture

For $300, a Sony E-mount camera, and some medium format lenses you can do the same with a Fotodiox Rhinocam adapter. With a Sony Alpha a7R you can probably get get more than 200 megapixels:

Ye TZ's picture

this is still 50 MP camera.
like my MK3 can be 200MP as well. All it does is stitching the 50MP pixel right?

Ralph Berrett's picture

It still really 50 megapixel camera that can stitch multiple images into a 200 megapixel file.It could be useful for product shots.