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Ingenious Father of Three Uses Daughters to Create Digital Masterpieces

This photographer not only creates situations that are unique and comical -- but sends you to a surreal universe in just a glance. John Wilhelm lives in Switzerland with the subjects of many of his works --his girlfriend and three daughters, he's also an IT director in the university there. His hobby is art. Aside from being technically perfect, his eccentric portraits each tell a story which will have you dumbfounded, but pining for more.

What is felt in John's artwork is his thorough attention to detail and execution: John has a vision and doesn't settle for anything less than his goals. It is hard to find someone who is both this creative and motivated, while also having the skill to produce such powerful results. Take note of the expressions he captures as well as his post production. His exceptional work had to be shared.

(Photos are clickable and can be navigated via the keyboard arrow buttons)



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Britta Boykins's picture

This is great and very creative!!!

Lee Morris's picture

Fantastic work.

Joshua Boldt's picture

I love this

Brad Delaney's picture

Awesome !

Altares 13th's picture

Crazy good ideas. Keep the good work!

Henry Louey's picture

If i could convince my nieces and nephews to stay still long enough in one place I would try something like this is a heartbeat. Nowhere near as good as these images though. Superb composition work!

Bo Bickley's picture

Bribe them


My hero!

Anonymous's picture

yes ...nice ...have to play more with mine daughter this way .... i like it

Kevin Miller's picture

Fun shots. I hope to do similar things with my two girls. :0

Vr DUBIFONK's picture

What a serie !! Very well done, very good ideas. I hope the family had lot of fun doing these pictures. Great work !

Alen Kirn's picture

Great work.

Doc Pixel's picture

Fantastic!!! THIS is Creativity at Work Having Fun!

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

spaghetti monster! maked me laugh! my fav!

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture


Anonymous's picture

Fantastic work, and great consistency :)

Jason Ranalli's picture

Pretty masterful!!! Amazing work!

Simon Dyjas's picture

oh man fondue in that Mac Pro? Despite popular belief, the Mac Pro stays very cool:)

Tom Gallagher's picture

Great work. But it's Switzerland not "Switerland"

Henry Block's picture


Christian Berens's picture

Wow, his attention to detail on top of editing skills..... AMAZING

Troy St. Louis's picture

Great stuff!!!

Michael Meeks's picture

I don't like anything but this is good.

Michael Foyle's picture

Adorable! Love the spaghetti one!

Victor Morales's picture

Speechless!!! A++

Tony Guillaro's picture

Haha... I enjoyed this
Well done

Lowell Mason's picture

This is stunnign work. Love it

Keith Bradshaw's picture

Every Dad needs a spaghetti shot. Here is my little one.

Leigh Smith's picture

Maybe I'm just not blinded by pics of little kids. Some of the ideas are amusing, but the execution is nothing to write home about. Am I missing something?

Matt BuckShots's picture

Great ideas and amazing work John. The clarity of these images viewed online is awesome. The texture of the skin is amazing.

Michael Miville's picture

Photos are decent to start and the finished products are fun to look at, but the lack of consistent Photoshop is a bit bothersome. Seems he knows enough to be dangerous, but doesn't take enough time to understand how light and shadows act when he's adding them in post.

Leigh Smith's picture

Or focal length, perspective, and scale

Duke Nguyen's picture

Love it.