Fstoppers Original: Dave Lehl, Snowboard Photographer

During the final weeks of March, Lee Morris and I decided it would be fun to feature a professional snowboard photographer on the front page of fstoppers. So we packed up all the cameras and headed out to Frisco, Colorado to see what our friend Dave Lehl could do to shed light on the amazing world of snowboard photography. I had no idea what we were about to get ourselves into when Dave told us he was shooting some professional snowboarders in the back country of Vail Pass and we should tag along to document it all. If you've ever found yourself wondering what goes on during a snowboard photoshoot or just enjoy the sport, check out our profile video on Dave Lehl and be prepared to be amazed!

Check out more of Dave's work at www.davelehl.com

Fstoppers Profiles: Dave Lehl, Professional Snowboard Photographer from FStoppers on Vimeo.

Dave Lehl talks Snowboard Photography from FStoppers on Vimeo.

Written by Patrick Hall. Patrick Hall is the cofounder of Fstoppers.com and a wedding photographer in Charleston, South Carolina

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Michael's picture

...and I was worried that this was just going to be another pointless late night! Great set of videos, very informative and inspirational. Thanks guys.

Keep up the good work!

Patrick CN Wong's picture

great video!

Patrick CN Wong's picture

how did u get it to focus in such fast action?

Patrick Hall's picture

If you are talking about Dave, he prefocuses before they jump and shoots at f5.6. So he anticipates where the peak of the action is going to be, prefocuses, and then clicks away when they get there. As for us shooting video, it is pretty much the same thing. Outside in the sun we were shooting at like F8 since it was so bright and most of our shots were a bit wider (the telephoto vids had to be spot on with focus). Trust us, we messed up a lot of clips because it was so bright and focus was off. Time to get an LCD hood :)

Michelle Moore's picture

RAD video!

ClubNika's picture

wow.. cool video.. :) and i love prodigy 2 xD

Luca's picture

Great shots guys!

Thx for sharing!!!

Jim Milne's picture

Great set of videos, I've watched them 3 times in total now.
Any chance you'll be able to find a Skateboard or BMX photog to cover? Something I'm interested in getting into. My suggestions would be Bart Jones or Yoon Sul for skate and Ryan Fudger for BMX, there basically legends in the field.

Mike's picture

This is definitely my favorite vid so far! I wish I had watched this before this winter. So awesome.

Nathan O'Kane's picture

Really great videos, thanks so much for the hugely interesting content!!


Joanna's picture

watching this footage sure makes me wish i could get off this yacht! thanks for sharing. your shots are sick!!

Patrick Hall's picture

Well Joanna, maybe we should see a photoshoot on a Yacht!

Dave Lehl's picture

Joanna, I will GLADLY trade you my snowmobile time for your yacht time. Let's make some power moves happen here.

Mike Bills's picture

Patrick, this is the bomb!!

judy (lehl) smith's picture

Very impressed, great job,

Bord's picture

Can you tell a bit about what lenses you used on that photoshoot? did you use any filters?

Love your work! :)

Dave Lehl's picture

Hey Bord,
My lenses include a Canon 70-200 2.8, a canon 70mm tilt shift, a sigma 28-70, and a sigma 15mm fisheye. I know everyone says it's a sin to pair up anything but Canon lenses with Canon bodies, but I've had great results with my Sigmas. Also, I've never used any filters. I used to when I shot film, but I only used warming and cooling filters. Now that I only shoot digital it's way too easy to fix it in photoshop, and you don't lose a third of a stop.


jeremy mayhew's picture

Great Great Great information, especially the little bits like including the jump and the landing in the photo. Having shot sports I was "programed" to always shoot tight, so hearing that inside tip really will help my work, hopefully.

thanks again for sharing, means the world!

Satta Ektrakul's picture

wow...i love this!! I am learning constantly about photography. Snowboard photography just became my new obsession right now. Thank you Dave for sharing this and I will be following your advice on snowboard photography!!

Aki's picture

So great to see videos in photoshoots like what is in this site..
I like...

This guy is awesome, I could sit and listen to him all day.