Videographer Builds a 'Spinning Rig of Death' Out of Robots So He Can Get This Crazy Shot

We've posted some of his behind the scenes videos on here before, because this director's innovative use of technology to film some of the most visually appealing commercial videos to ever hit our screens is unparalleled. Here he is, explaining how he used his robots to make a mind-bending shot of a slice of lime falling into a glass.

Sounds simple, right? Well, as commercial director and visual engineer Steve Giralt explains to Vox, when an excited marketing team can just throw money at a project, things tend to get complicated. Because the client wanted the camera to spin around the glass in super-slow motion and not just spin the glass, this brought up numerous technical problems for Giralt and his team to solve. Luckily enough, problem-solving is what they do best. On paper, Giralt a commercial director, but at heart, he is an engineer with visual flair. 

I never get bored of seeing how he creates his awe-inspiring videos. I would say that it's just the little boy in me that likes robots, but it's much more than that. His intense passion for learning and problem-solving is infectious — it just makes you want to create something different. Yes, he has access to precision tools that most don't, but he certainly didn't start that way. 

Do you have a favorite Giralt commercial? Let us know in the comments.

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Chase Wilson's picture

This is a must-see in the Steve Giralt catalog:

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Yes! That's a good on alright

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Interesting for sure but what is the "usual" pay for that kind of shots?
Anybody with real some real numbers?

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'the marmelade' , a german corp uses theese methods since 2012 ;)