How to Photograph Flying Food

In general, the images that I find the most engaging are ones that have motion in them. In some images, the motion can just be implied and that still adds a whole new dimension. Motion can also add an element of storytelling to the image which how engaging it can be. This is why I believe, food images with motion get so much attention. 

In a recent video from Karl Taylor, he discusses some of the method that goes into producing the incredible image shown in the thumbnail. Taylor is one of my favorite photographers because the work he produces is stunning. His images, in my view have that classically refined look to them, which works great for product photographers. One could argue that for some types of food photography, that clean and refined style may not work every time, however, I think it definitely works for the image in this video. 

The most interesting point that Taylor makes is about how he sketches out the concept in order to properly visualizes the final result. This is something I've never done before because it's not really required for architecture. Having said that, I think this method of visualizing the result, would be extremely useful for many of my personal projects. I've already started working on a few sketches for certain images I'd like to produce. 

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