50 of the World's Best Wedding Photos From 2014

Whether you love or hate wedding photography, it's by far one of the most incredibly difficult forms of photography out there to capture. The fact that you have one shot at getting the couple's once-in-a-lifetime day captured is pressure enough to stay away from it. Junebug Weddings just announced the winners of their 2014 Best of the Best Wedding Photography Collection and the results are astonishing.

Wedding photography is seen by some as the most beautiful and exciting thing to shoot in the industry. On the other hand, it's a subject many creatives ignore for its level of difficulty and strong chance of failure in capturing the best moment of someone's special day. In the end, you have one shot at getting it right. The fine folks at Junebug Weddings hosted a contest to feature 50 of the top wedding photos of 2014 and here are a few of the selections I found stood out. This includes one of Fstoppers' very own Sarah Williams!

Check out more photos here from The 2014 Best of the Best Wedding Photography Collection by Junebug Weddings.

All images used with permission from the artists.

[via Junebug Weddings]

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Kalpesh Modi's picture

Thanks for sharing

Joshua Boldt's picture

Those are some pretty good shots.

So, do I like Sarah Williams' photo because it is great, or do I just think it is great because of the cool art in the tattoos? In other words, if they didn't have tattoos would it still be as cool? I'm not dissing on Sarah. I'm an over-analyzer so I'm honestly working that question out for myself.

Adam Bender's picture

I had the same thought, but then I realized it's irrelevant because they do have the tattoos. They are significant to the shot and to their shared passion for each other and for ink. That's what I ended up with anyway. it's great for the symbolic nature of the shot more than the masterful technique displayed in some of the other shots.

Bert McLendon's picture

It's weird seeing the article about being "Anti VSCO" and then seeing this article, the "50 world's best wedding photos", all using VSCO'ish presets. =) What a diverse set of writers and audience as well. Life is too short to try and satisfy other peoples taste. Do what you like and go for it!

Savi You's picture

What do you think gets more clicks...an Anti-VSCO article or another one that praises VSCO?

Johnny Rico's picture

I'm just going to come out and say this. What is with wedding photographers currently hating the color white?

Why must the white point get dropped so low.... I just don't get it

Anonymous's picture

I have the utmost respect for wedding photographers - I don't know how you deal with the stresses of the job. It's really nice to see such variety in the winning photos when it seems so many are so similar these days. After a thousand "shot wide open" and "let me put the flash behind the couple" shots, this is a really refreshing and impressive showcase of work.

Thank you for sharing.

Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

hm... nice pics but the best?! russian mywed is full of cliche but there are many better pics i think... in photo of the day section - http://www.mywed.ru/photo/day/

Bert McLendon's picture

Great resource Igor! Tons of good stuff on that site.

Ben Whitmore's picture

Maybe I'm being a touch cynical here, and don't get me wrong, a lot of these images are incredible, but what I've found in the past few years, is that these lists or online photography contests simply favour the most popular, big named, most Instagram followers type of photographers. There's always a sponsor behind a list or behind a competition and they're looking for a return on their investment in the form of eyeballs ultimately looking at their business name and/or product. So these lists/competitions will always favour those with a greater reach as those with a greater reach will repost and mention and talk about their involvement.

So it's my feeling that these lists are great for a quick look, but not truly indicative of the best wedding photographs of 2014.

For lack of a better word than "underground" there are so many amazing and brilliant wedding photographers and their work truly belongs on a list like this, but unfortunately never will.

Tis the machine they call the Interweb I guess.

Andrew Griswold's picture

I agree to a certain extent. Some of these places are looking for some type of media push and what better way than grab some photographers that are willing to share their shots with the world on a large platform? Not a bad marketing tactic. Then again if you are in any type of marketing for a small business, mainly photography, you want to have a large following and if your not always pushing or marketing your work to a larger audience you might be missing out on something or a nitch of work you might need to get into. Noted though and solid bit of info. In this case I did like how some of these shooters featured were smaller and lesser known on the social front which was reassuring though I did see some big names in there.