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Announcing the Fstoppers Photographer of the Year and the Winner of a Free Fstoppers Tutorial

The votes are in, and you've helped to choose our Fstoppers Photographer of the Year! We've also randomly selected one reader who voted to receive a free Fstoppers tutorial of their choice!

Photographer of the Year

We're please to announce that Aritz Atela was your choice as the Fstoppers Photographer of the Year. We originally featured Atela in June, when his gorgeous work caught our eyes. Check out some of his amazing work:

Atela will receive his choice of any Fstoppers tutorial from our store.

Be sure to follow him on Fstoppers, Instagram, and Facebook to see more of his work! 

Winner of a Free Fstoppers Tutorial

In addition, everyone who voted and commented on the original article was entered to win a free Fstoppers tutorial of their choice. Jeff Walsh was our randomly chosen winner! He selected "Peter Hurley: Perfecting the Headshot" from our store.

See Past Photographers of the Month

You can see all Photographers of the Month here.

Photographer of the Month Awards for 2020

Continuing this year, we'll be selecting a photographer of the month. Each month, we'll cull the best of the most recent photos in the community and select our favorite, featuring that photographer's work. At the end of the year, we'll select an overall winner from the 12 monthly winners, who will win a tutorial of their choice from the Fstoppers store. To qualify each month, you simply must have uploaded an image to your portfolio in the past 30 days.​ So, get out there, post some photos, and check out the work of the talented Fstoppers community! We're pleased to have you here.

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Philip Slotte's picture

Very well deserved Aritz, congrats! :-)

Aritz Atela's picture

Thanks soo much Philip!!

Deleted Account's picture

Nice work Aritz. Congratulations!

Aritz Atela's picture

Thank you Brian!!!

Pedro Pulido's picture

The best photographer won! Congratulations Aritz!! Kevin Plovie was also a great contender to the title!

Lots of quality in the work of these photographers. well deserved.

Kevin Plovie's picture

Thanks Pedro.
You made my day

Jeff Walsh's picture

I really don't understand this. Also, before I saying anything else, this has NOTHING to do with the winner or any of the photogs that were in the running. Clearly every single photog that was in this lineup has an amazing grasp of their art. So, based on that, why the hell is the prize a tutorial? For real? This is like giving a professional baseball player a glove from Walmart Such a weird prize for such a great pool of photogs.

I mean, the "winning" by itself is pretty damn awesome, but the prize definitely doesn't match the accomplishment.

Also, am I seeing this correctly that I won the Hurley prize? Hmmm, how do I collect it lol.

Alex Cooke's picture

I sent you a PM about your prize.

Jeff Walsh's picture

Just got it, and thank you very much. Completely unexpected.

Pedro Pulido's picture

i have to say i agree with Jeff here. Fstoppers has become one of the biggest photography websites worldwide. The quality of the competition is absurdly amazing. After a long year and with so many followers, a better prize should be awarded for this competition. And the winner should have lots of exposure.
I'm not criticizing in any point negatively. It's just that the quality of the photographers is way above the price granted and it would be logical and fair if the prize was way better.

Anyway, hat's off to fstoppers for a tremendous work over the years and for gathering such high quality work on a daily basis.
I visit this website daily and i expect to keep doing it for a long time!

Have a great 2020 everyone.

Kevin Plovie's picture

Congratz Aritz !!!! Love your work

Aritz Atela's picture

Thanks so mush Kevin. Honestly everyone deserved the top1. Your work is truly inspiring.

Liza Rock's picture

Congrats on your win! Beautiful work!

Roger Kristiansen's picture

Huge congrats, Aritz👏🏻 Well deserved👍🏻

Aritz Atela's picture

thanks a bunch bro!

Alexander Lauterbach's picture

Congrats Aritz, well deserved! :-)

Aritz Atela's picture

thanks a ton Alexander :)

Ryan Luna's picture

Awesome work, and most of it posted here with a crop sensor X-T2. Nice!

David Pavlich's picture

Nicely done!

chris bryant's picture

Beautiful photos. But, erm, isn’t the photographer who came last the one whom needs to prize? The winner definitely doesn’t.

Kevin Plovie's picture

Fstoppers has a lot of tutorials. You can't be a pro in landscape, portrait, architectural,...… By winning a tutorial you can expand your knowledge, beyond your borders ;)