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National Geographic Announces 2014 Photography Contest Winners

Is it your dream to have one of your photographs featured in National Geographic? What about a trip to the headquarters for a photography seminar, plus $10k in your pocket? That’s exactly what this years Nat Geo photography contest grand prize winner was awarded.

Every year Nat Geo hosts a photography contest with three categories: people, places, and nature. One grand prize winner is chosen from the top photographs in each category. This year there 9,000 photos submitted from 150 different countries. Each of them tells a story that evokes your curiosity. "What is happening here?" They all make you want to know more. "Did the wildebeest make it?" Or, "Who is that girl in the white dress?"

I remember seeing two of the three images spread around the internet sometime this year, most likely stemming from the Your Shot contests National Geographic holds on their site. Brian, the grand prize winner this year, is no exception. He’s been a member since nearly the launch of Your Shot. If you’re looking to get some feedback from actual editors and test your skills against the most talented Nat Geo readers in the world, Your Shot may be worth checking out.

What do you all think of this year's winners?

A Node Glows in the Dark - Grand Prize and People Winner Brian Yen, Hong Kong
The Great Migration - Nature Winner Nicole Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
Bathing in Budapest - Places Winner Triston Yeo, Singapore

[via National Geographic]

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Wasim Muklashy's picture

These are great. Love that National Geographic has embraced and is helping to shine a light on user submitted images. "The Great Migration" might be my arrestingly haunting image.

Kristi Woody's picture

All fantastic images. That would be such a hard contest to judge.