Winners of the Fstoppers Photo Colorization Contest

Last week, Patrick challenged me to colorize an image he shot during the historic snowfall in Charleston. We decided it would be great to see our readers' take on the colorization process as well. These three photographers have won their choice of an Fstoppers Tutorial! How do you think they did? 

I was seriously impressed with everyone's entries. We chose three winners, but be sure to check out the other entries. There were some hilarious, not-so-serious ones too.

Alberto Cabrera

Matt Loughrey

Robert Wagner

So, what do you all think? Do you want more contests like these? Leave a challenge below for the Fstoppers team! 

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Robert Wagner's picture

Thanks so much!! Had fun doing this!!

Ryan Mense's picture

The camo is sick

Michael Kuszla's picture

This is a huge and beautiful work! Nice job guys!

Simon Anderson's picture

I was robbed it is obviously fixed 😂😂😂
Well done to the winners though 😁

alberto cabrera's picture

WOW! OMG! Been sick in bed and did;t get on my comp till now. Man, there were a lot of real good entries and I honestly didn't think I would be chosen. Thank you. This was indeed fun and got me to work on something i normally don't get to do. Please continue these challenges. Congrats to the other two winners.

Matt Loughrey's picture

Thank you for the great news, fair dues!

aaronbratkovics's picture

....sigh nice job guys. I still think I could have been in the running.

Erik Stenbakken's picture

So many INCREDIBLE entries. Go check them out. Some really impressive work out there. Waaay beyond my skill level.

aaronbratkovics's picture


Arun Hegden's picture

Do you want more contests like these?


I colorized this old image in just 1 click using colorsurprise AI pixbim.