'Women Photograph' Offers $35,000 in Grants to Photojournalists

Women Photograph, an initiative launched in 2017 aimed at giving greater voice to the female photojournalism community has teamed with Nikon and Getty Images to offer $35,000 worth of grants to up-and-coming and established photographers around the world.

There are six grants altogether, split between two categories. Five grants, worth $5000 each will go to photographers working on a new or ongoing documentary project in the visual arts. Multimedia project are welcome.

There is also a single $10,000 grant aimed at professional photojournalists who are working on a long term project and have demonstrated a sustained commitment to their story. Applicants for this award must submit between 20-25 images from the project which indicate that a substantial amount of the project has already been completed and the vision for the project is firmly in place.

The grants are available to female and non-binary photographers of all nationalities (however applications must be submitted in English). Entrants are encouraged to write a strong proposal, do your research regarding the contest rules and guidelines, proofread, and be realistic about the financial needs to complete your project.

The application period begins April 1st and runs through May 15th, 2018. There is no entry fee for the contest.

To view details of the competition and submit, visit womenphotograph.com to apply.

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Deleted Account's picture

Non-binary photographers can enter so... I don't know?? ;-)

Deleted Account's picture

Does that mean we're binary or non-binary? Personally, I'm hexadecimal! :-)

Jen Photographs's picture

> ... a new or ongoing documentary project in the visual arts.

I'm wondering just how much weight they put on "documentary". If I do a series of thematic, non-artsy portraits (eg a portrait series of of senior citizens), is that documentary? Or do they want it to be more newsy-documentary?

If anyone else has entered similar contests before, would appreciate some insight.

Anonymous's picture

This must be part of the Nikon “We’re Sorry” campaign after this PR nightmare:

Dennis Murphy's picture

That's so racist making people have to use English.