Alien Skin Products Are 40% Off Through August 26th

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading or picking up your first copy of Exposure, now would be a great opportunity. I just got word that the team over at Alien Skin is offering 40% off ALL of their products until August 26th, starting today!

The entire collection of Alien Skin software is included in this sale, including the Photo Bundle, which is already a good deal. It includes Exposure 7, Snap Art 4, and Blow Up 3. If you purchase Exposure 7 during the sale, you’ll receive a free upgrade to Exposure 8 when it is released. The team is still growing Exposure into a full standalone photo editor and organizer. Coming in late 2015, you’ll no longer need other applications and plugins to use ASE.

Exposure 7 features new film presets like Kodak Gold and Ilford XP2 Super 400. It also includes new sun flares and borders in the Overlays panel. I know I’m not the only one on the Fstoppers team who has integrated ASE into their workflow. You can find all the details and pick up the software over on their site

Here is an example photo for which I used Exposure to process:

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Patrick Hall's picture

I have to say, maybe I'm old school and out of the loop with other pieces of software, but AlienSkin's Exposure is one of my all time favorite plugins for photoshop. I think their interface is really really simple to use and has tons of useful options.

When it comes to giving my images a "look", I admit I'm not always able to know that this image needs way more sharpening, or a mid tones contrast crunch, or a color palate shift. So for me, scrolling through a bunch of looks before pushing an image in a specific direction has been a big help for polishing a final image before it hits my portfolio.

Sorry if this sounds like an ad; it's just that AS is really one of the few programs I use on every single photo I produce.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

I agree. Sometimes I know what I want it to look like but don't know how to achieve it. These types of plugins have been very helpful for me in learning how to use Lightroom in general.