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Crazy 9 Hour Sale on 128 GB Sandisk SD Memory Cards Today Only

Let's face it, you can never have enough memory cards laying around your studio.  Today only, Sandisk is having a ridiculous sale on their U3 SDXC Memory Cards.  The 128 GB cards are only $44 and their 64 GB cards are only $24. These cards are great for high megapixel cameras, shooting HD video, and can also be used as small hard drives to transfer files from computer to computer. Instead of having a half dozen smaller cards that might potentially get lost in the shuffle, I always encourage photographers to use a single larger memory card and only remove it from their camera once after each shoot. If you haven't upgraded to 64 or 128 GB cards yet, this might be the best sale until the end of summer.  

Today only, these 128 GB Sandisk Class 10 SDXC memory cards are only $44 at BH Photo

If you need something a little smaller, these 64 GB Sandisk Class 10 SDXC memory cards are only $24 at BH Photo

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Adrian Zaharia's picture

I have a 64GB SanDisk SD card in my Mark III and it's super fast. Here in Romania it costs 250Lei(63$).

michael andrew's picture

Just a heads up xc cards do not work in canon 1D4 cameras.

Ariel Martini's picture

sold out

Adam Ehhhh's picture

Looks like amazon is matching the price . . .

Craig Horton's picture

This just showed up in my email 7 hours ago but apparently the sale was 19 hours ago? They are not on sale at B&H. I chatted with them to make sure.

Jay Haach's picture

Ahh man, just missed the boat. They're all sold out!

Campbell Sinclair's picture

Im in Australia and we are done on price by smaller market and location. We pay 130 USD for a 64MB Sandisk Extreme card or 186 AUD. Disgusting..