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Get It While It Lasts: The Nikon D750 eBay Deal Is Back

It's back! There's a huge sale on the ever-popular Nikon D750. Today on eBay, you can purchase it for only $1,299, but you'll need to hurry; there's a limited quantity of these awesome cameras. 

We shoot everything with the Nikon D750 in the Fstoppers office. This is the camera that is seriously making me consider switching to Nikon from my trusted Canon. I know a lot of people have opinions on why you shouldn't buy gray market cameras, and there are plenty of conversations out there about Nikon not fixing the camera if something happens, but let's be real, 43% off, this deal is far too great to pass up! The price on these if you were to get them from any other site is approximately $2,300. We are talking about a $1,000 difference here. I mean, if you're looking for a new camera, this is a no-brainer! So, go get yours; you'll be glad you did. Happy shooting!

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Tam Nguyen's picture

I bought this last year. Still works. Also, the price has gone to as low as $1200 if you're willing to wait.

Lee Morris's picture

We bought six of these last year. They were all legit and new. Recently one stopped turning on. We haven't tried to fix it yet but even if we can't, we still came out ahead of retail.

Justin Haugen's picture told me they would fix mine if I ever need service despite grey market status. Would love it if you guys got an official confirmation on that too

Tam Nguyen's picture

My serial number matched with a batch that had that weird flash banding issue (which I never saw), but when I sent it back to Nikon, they were happy to service it for free, no questions asked.

Andrew Strother's picture

I bought two last year. Still kicking grey market ass.

Douglas Turney's picture

Does it come with the battery?

Fritz Asuro's picture

Of course it does. The only difference is this is a gray market and doesn't come with the Nikon Warranty. (Store/vendor warranty only)

Jesse Marek's picture

Well, I buckled. I've been placing these deals in my cart every time they come up and never pull the trigger. I really can not justify letting this deal pass up. for $1000 off if anything does happen, I will still make out ahead.

Thank you for sharing this!

Stephen Kampff's picture

"Import Model w/1-Year Warranty via US Seller" - Well at least they're claiming to have some sort of support.

On another note, for EU buyers, and are great sources for this kinda stuff! Have never had an issue with either, and have ordered well over €1k with each.