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MZed Filmmaking Courses Cyber Monday Deals

With a plethora of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals flooding the market last week and over the weekend (including all Fstopper tutorials on sale), one that you may have missed is the deal MZed is currently offering, available through Tuesday. MZed is a terrific filmmaking education resource with a number of premier courses worth checking out. 

I previously reviewed "Philip Bloom's Cinematic Masterclass," a nine-and-a-half-hour immersive course on all things film. It is one of several high-end MZed courses taught by an industry pro that can help anyone on their filmmaking journey.

Courses can be purchased individually or can be accessed through an MZed Pro subscription, giving you 12-month access to the entire MZed library (over 140 hours of material).

For anyone interested in learning more or pulling the trigger on a course or annual subscription, MZed is offering the following deals through Tuesday:

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