Nikon D3400 DSLR And Two Lenses For $399.99

If someone in your family is considering getting into photography and you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on gigantic DSLR, you may want to consider the Nikon D3400. This camera is a crop sensor DSLR that still has removable lenses and full manual control and today, it's actaully cheaper than a point and shoot camera.

This package is so cheap, you shouldn't have any issue reselling it if you ever want to upgrade. But, for the majority of users, the package may include everything you need. It comes with the camera body, an 18-55mm standard zoom, 70-300mm telephoto lens, and a camera bag for just $399. Buy it now from Buy Dig, who is an authorized Nikon seller. 

If you'd prefer Canon, you can buy a similar kit from BH for just $50 more. 

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It should be noted that it is now new. It's "Certified Nikon Refurbished with 90-Day Warranty"