The Nikon D750 Is On Sale For Cyber Monday

The D750 is one of our all-time favorite cameras. For the price, it's hard to find a better full frame DSLR. For today only, you can save $425

Amazon is currently selling the D750 with a genuine MB-D16 battery grip, 128GB memory card, and a hiking camera backpack for just $1497. If you're looking to upgrade to a full frame camera without breaking the bank, the D750 is the camera to buy. 

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Evan Kane's picture

I love my D750 and couldn't be happier with my decision to go with this one!

Viva Habbit Van Assen's picture

I'm still using my old 700 but at some point will get the 750 I just check it out yesterday at our local camera shop its sweet for sure.

Evan Kane's picture

I did a lot of research when I was looking to upgrade to a full frame body and ultimately went with the d750. I have no regrets :)

Viva Habbit Van Assen's picture

My problem I just a new lens for my Fuji so there only so much money in this house so I'll have to wait I would love to have but my old 700 will have to do until I can get the cash. The weigh alone is was a plus when I tried it yesterday and that is iso at 100 is big point for me. Enjoy I know you will .

Jim Bolen's picture

Yep, right there with you! Easily my favorite camera in my thirty years of shooting.