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There is a Fantastic Black Friday Deal on SanDisk Memory Cards on Amazon Right Now

Whether you've lost several memory cards this year (like me) or if you're trying to keep up with the ever growing need for more space, there is a HUGE discount on SanDisk memory cards right now. Amazon is offering a Black Friday deal on almost every size of memory card available. You can get a 64 GB card for only $30!

16GB: $9.99

32GB: $14.99

64GB: $29.95

128GB: $54.99

256GB: $119.99

Browse through all your options HERE for some great additions to your gear bag or Holiday gifts for someone else who will appreciate a good photo deal!



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Kyle Hall's picture

If you would settle for a little slower card. You can have the 64GB for $19.

Anonymous's picture

Bought 2 x 32GB. Thanks FS!

Jordan Randall's picture

Didn't even see this article but I noticed the deal and bought two 128GB!

Anonymous's picture

Excellent.. bought 3x 32GB! Thanks!!

Darien Robertson's picture

Copped 2 16gb Extremes and a 32gb Ultra. Bless up for this link!

Pepperberry Farm's picture

the SanDisk deal is no more, but PNY cards are on sale now:

Joel Desrochers's picture

Thanks, just picked up a 64GB!