Make Your Own Collapsible V-Flats for Cheap

With the holidays over and us in that strange time after Christmas but before the new year, we often find ourselves both stir crazy and broke. With this video from The Creative Contrast, they teach us how to solve that by cheaply creating our own collapsible V-Flats.

V-flats are incredibly versatile tools to be in a photographer's toolkit. However, they can sometimes be expensive and bulky. In this video, we are shown how to make our own anywhere from $20 to about $100, allowing these to fall into most any photographer's budget. The cheapest v-flat shown is also the most convenient, as it collapses small enough to fit into a car, rather than needing a truck to transport and being stuck in your studio. It's also shorter, giving another advantage that it can be used in smaller home studios. 

The video also glosses over using large slats of insulation, which have the advantage of both a white side and a shiny side, so it can act like a silver reflector on your normal bounce card. I saw these all the time on film-sets, so it's nice to see these being used in photography as well, though they are much larger here. You can always cut them down to use them as a bigger, sturdier bounce card as well.

Have you ever tried making your own v-flats? Are you going to attempt now that you have this video? 

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ron fya's picture

yet ANOTHER diy v-flat tut : joke of the year 2018 !

Miha Me's picture

XD I hope there's more

heikoknoll's picture

when is this v-flat hype that´s been going on for the last weeks going to stop??? (also on petapixel)

Patrick Hall's picture

Why do you call it V flat hype? It’s a common item found in almost every studio

heikoknoll's picture

That´s true. I was just referring to the number of articles of V-flats (especially do it yourself) that have somehow been present the last couple of weeks here (and on other websites). . .

Bruno Domingues's picture

I have a pretty good idea for the fstoppers community: if you don’t like the content being shared, stop following it 🤷🏻‍♂️

Bruno Domingues's picture

I know I know I’m a bloody genius how come no one ever thought of that right????

Bruno Domingues's picture

The most negative community I have ever seen damn!

Ben Silverstein's picture

As the ultimate way to cut costs, have you considered doing your photo shoots IN Home Depot (pronounced Home de-PO, btw)? You would have unlimited v-flats, as well as work lights for illumination and endless props. To say nothing of free parking. Cost: zero. C'mon, guys, get creative. After all, it's in your name, eh?

Karim Hosein's picture

I am sick of tutorial videos starting with, “This subject may sound complicated, difficult, intimidating, daunting, beyond your ken, but….” They are V-flats! two words; “V”, shaped like the letter, ‘V’, and “Flat,” as in ‘fold it flat’. How complicated did they really think it sounded?!?

“Native sensitivity may sound complicated or daunting, but….”
“Time value may sound daunting or technical, but it is just another way of saying….”
“Environmental Portrait may sound tricky or difficult, but….”

You know what sounds difficult? Trigonometric-logarithmic substitution in angular acceleration calculus for near-earth orbit predictions with a Euler arithmetic domain. That sounds complicated and daunting. (Yes! Yes, it is rocket science).

Tdotpics photography's picture

Do you DIY videos will never get old