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The Perfect DIY Light Stand?

Lets face it: there’s nothing sexy about light stands, nor do we get G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) when the latest light stand is revealed. Caleb Pike with DSLR Video Shooter shows off an easy to build boom arm for the perfect light stand setup. 

Pike breaks down this build utilizing only a few parts that can found around most studios. For those who don’t have the parts readily available here’s a breakdown. Pike utilizes a Falcon Eyes portable LED for his build, but this could be substituted based on your light preference. Just make sure the weight of the rig doesn't over stress the boom arm.

A surprisingly easy and flexible setup that allows for portrait, product, and a video light in a all-in-one package. A light stand that has so many uses, is a win for any studio. I personally hate having tools (especially large ones like light stands ) that only serve one purpose. Anyone else have great DIY projects that have made life easier around the studio?

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Johnny Rico's picture

or just use your standard 40" grip arm... holds more weight and 1/4 the cost. Do you even #grip bruh?

Jeff Morris's picture

I agree with Johnny. This video has some awful advice in it, unless you enjoy having lights fall onto your talent now & then. Just do it the right way for half the cost, ffs.

M L's picture

this should be removed its such bad advise

Chad D's picture

just shaking my head

Jason Berge's picture

Really? Lee & Patrick, where do you find these clowns?