Some Fresh Tips for Shooting Things You Already Have in Your House

Fighting off cabin fever while stuck indoors is hard to do. Trying to be creative can also be a real challenge. Check out this video full of tips to break you out of your isolation woes.

The folks over at COOPH, short for Cooperative of Photography, have released a quick five minute video offering a number of suggestions to try on your own. There isn't much setup time covered, more of a hit list of ideas with some cool examples.

Most of the shots in the video use things you either already have or could easily come by. Finding new ways to capture images is a great way to find fresh perspectives. You really don't have to try exactly what the video suggests to gain something from watching it. You may see a technique that can apply to whatever you enjoy shooting and apply it.

When I watch videos like this, there is an excitement about seeing how others create. Sometimes things can be as subtle as the color choices or even just seeing the way in which the photographers use different gear. At the end of the day, a camera is just a tool. The more you learn about different ways to use the camera, the more you will become a capable artist able to truly realize your visions.

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Been a lot of these how to do clever stock images lately on the web.