Teenage Photographer Styles His Baby Brother as Pennywise From 'It,' Becomes Internet-Famous in Three Days

Believe it or not, these bone-chilling images were created by a 17-year-old boy from a small town in Mississippi out of sheer boredom. I think it's safe to say that Eagan Tilghman's boredom may be cured for life if he grasps his sudden Internet fame and runs with it. This isn't just another cute cat video or clever Trump meme. This is art with a heartwarming story. Eagan wrote a short commentary on his Facebook page, letting us in on why he created the images. His words alone are beautiful, haunting, and beyond his years.

Just wanted to put these out there one more time to explain, this is my mind. Like it's very rare for me to be able to put my artistic vision out there and it be portrayed correctly. My pictures never really look like I want them to. Don't get me wrong, I love creepy clowns but my mind isn't just scary clowns and unsettling images. But the creativity in my head almost feels like it flows off of my fingertips. You can see an image and feel things with it, and I'm proud to say these are perfect, therefore they're a perfect little glimpse into how I see the world. 

Source: Facebook

Eagan Tilghman Recreates It Movie Character

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the viral photos weren't a dead end and that the young artist who created them posts a lot of inspirational quotes and touching family photos to his networks. Behind this excellent recreation of pop culture's scariest clown, you'd expect to find a dark teenager, but Eagan is far from that. His humor, positivity, and enthusiasm are the best part of this story. He's well deserving of his Internet fame and he knows it. 

 Although I consider myself ridiculously attractive (lol jk), I'm proud to say that I'm becoming Internet famous because of an actual talent.

Source: Twitter

Let this be a reminder to us all, young and old, beginners and experts: anything is possible. Greatness, breakthroughs, and sometimes Internet fame can come from a single boring day. We just have to push through and keep creating.

You can follow Eagan and his future endeavors here: Facebook Twitter Instagram

Eagan Tilghman recreates Pennywise from It movie
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Anonymous's picture

Hope those weren't active railroad tracks he decided to put his little brother on...

Gabrielle Colton's picture

I hope not either! If he didn't know the rangers I'm sure he does now after so many people seeing them!

James Madara's picture

Don't play on the tracks kids.

Ken B's picture

The train track pictures need to stop. You cannot hear a train like you might expect.

Eric Mazzone's picture

Yup, those are live tracks. Dumb ass.

Ken B's picture

Faulty logic. Because you did something illegal and dangerous, this young child should do the same?

I smoked a bunch of cigarettes too. Doesn't mean I want my kid doing the same.

Anonymous's picture

Well, I think the railroad track thing is understandable given the repeated stories we see about people getting themselves killed doing shoots on them. While I will generally agree that we have a tendency in this day and age to blow things out of proportion, I think there is certainly some reason for concern here.

I'm generally fine with an adult making an informed and conscious decision to take a risk so long as they're not breaking a law or putting anyone else in danger.

I can understand that a child might do something while not fully appreciating the danger (I think we've all been here at some point in our lives.)

I am bothered by someone who is older and, at 17 years old, should know better making the decision to put that child who likely doesn't understand or appreciate the risk in a potentially dangerous position for his own personal benefit.

Phil Wright's picture

So much negativity in these comments.

Anonymous's picture

The photos are cool. Putting a child on an active railroad track to pose for you is not. :/

Samuel Flores Sanchez's picture

This is fantastic!!! I admire so much people with such creativity and interior life!!! And is only 17...
And check out this Corpse Bride from his Instagram place

Piotr Maksymowicz's picture

maybe they had third person which looks on the railroad also this person could be adult...

Mr Hogwallop's picture

How come no one mentions that the little kid was in water up to his neck too? He could've drowned!

michael buehrle's picture

so rather than say how you like or dislike his pics all everyone chimes in on the tracks. maybe they are dead tracks, maybe they are photoshopped in or maybe he has a tracks crew standing next to him working on them ? you don't know. does anyone think that a few comments will stop someone from shooting them ? nope. people will continue to do it and people will continue to get run over. nothing anyone can do about it. i personally don't do it but i also have a set of tracks that are cut up by me if i want to shoot them.

Jason P's picture

Point taken. Here is the counter point. You've gotten all the required permits/permissions. You've got a safety crew just out of frame. Your lawyer is on standby. You've done everything absolutely above board and followed every single possible rule or regulation. The shoot goes absolutely perfect and the shots go viral (as you hoped). Now some ill informed beginner sees your shots and is inspired. What they lack, however, is the forethought that you put into planning your shoot. Your seriously well done shoot on the tracks could lead to someone half assing it and getting hurt. Railroad tracks are seriously dangerous. They don't look dangerous and everyone who hears someone like me say its a really bad idea to have a shoot on the tracks thinks "That won't happen to me". In my honest opinion, you'd be much safer shooting in the carpool lane on the 110 in rush hour traffic in Los Angeles than on the tracks any time. The brakes on a car are MUCH better than the brakes on a locomotive. I hope you never have to learn that the hard way.

michael buehrle's picture

true. isn't "rush hour traffic on the 110" a parking lot ? i agree with you but you can't fix stupid. it's natures way of weeding them out.

Jason P's picture

Not in the carpool lane. Ever since they made the carpool lane a toll lane not as many people use it.

Henry Louey's picture

YTD there have been 10781 deaths by gun violence in the U.S and you are complaining about a "dangerous" railway track?

Christopher Nolan's picture

Yeah cause roughly 600 people a year get killed on RR tracks (nation wide), ..... practically an epidemic, ...... LOL

Casey Fry's picture

All the negativity and focus on the tracks... as a kid, my buddies and I occasionally messed around on/near tracks, and sometimes... [drumroll] a train came! [gasp, I know] You what what happened? We got off the tracks.
I like to imagine that he used the tracks just to piss off the uptight among us.