This Beautiful Behind-the-Scenes Video Offers Insight as to How Blind Photographers Work

Photography can easily be mistaken as a pastime or a profession where the greatest success is reserved for those with the eagle eyes, near super-human visual acuity, and a painfully sensitive awareness of the gradients of color around them. But the Seeing With Photography Collective flies in the face of such notions, and it’s a beautiful thing. A recently released documentary video shows the group collaborating and sharing their unique portraits, and it’s a must see.

While having a set of peepers on par with a fighter pilot’s certainly doesn’t hurt, they are far from a requirement. Art is born in limitations, and what seems obvious as a pre-qualifier to become a photographer may not be necessary at all. Just take a look at this amazing project featuring self-portraits created by blind photographers.

By putting those with visual impairments in charge of light-painting their own portraits, instructor Mark Andres creates a fulfilling project for those who might otherwise feel excluded from the medium. See more photos on Fstoppers from 2012 when the project was new.

It is always an inspiration to see photography help, heal, and entertain those who might not have otherwise been touched by its power.

Seeing With Photography Collective is a New York-based group that teams sighted photographers with visually impaired photographers. See their current work on their Flickr page.

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inspirational, thank you.