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Coty Tarr Beautifully Captures Olympic Bobsledders in Training

In November of last year, Coty Tarr traveled to Lake Placid in Upstate New York to document the US Bobsled team as they practiced and prepared for upcoming competitions. Coty, as per usual, has not only photographed these incredible athletes and the work that goes into this level of training, but he's done so gorgeously.  

As Coty is a primarily a portrait photographer, his work is usually much more methodically planned out and produced (we've featured Coty before in a BTS for the cover of Sport's Illustrated). This wasn't the case here. He was unable to have a large crew or get in the way (although he still managed to get some stunning portraits during his trip). This method did, however, allow for him to sit back and witness what a "blue-collar sport" bobsledding really is.  

"From loading and trucking their sleds up mountains themselves, to changing the blades - they do it all. Hitting speeds of over 70 mph, at 2,400 ft elevation and below-zero wind chills, this training session was no walk in the park."

The team unloads after returning from competing in team trials in Park City, UT.
The rails must be replaced and sanded upon their return.
Bobsled pilot, Jazmine Fenlator

Coty had previously shot Jazmine Fenlator, one of the team's members, after the Sochi Olympics, and it was through her that he was able to document these incredible athletes.

The team loads their sleds to begin practice runs.
Portrait of Lauren Gibbs
Before each run, the team walks the entire track uphill.
Portrait of Aaron Surf Victorian
Portrait of Lauren Gibbs

For more images from this project, check out Coty's blog and Instagram.

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