Monday Blues Call for a Photography Espresso

Got the Monday blues? How about a little photography pick-me-up each Monday? Yeah? Well then, I have just the thing for you.

Mondays can be a drag, especially for those who have to go back to a job that doesn't involve photography or creative development. Well, Adorama has just the solution for you every Monday. Each Monday, Adorama releases a new short video in their "Through the Lens" series. This is the sixth season of the series and with this installment, they head back to the U.S. to focus on artists that many may not have heard of.

What I like about Through the Lens is that the episodes are like a shot of espresso for me. They give a great, quick look at different artists from all over the world and all different types of photography. I get quick inspiration from the episodes that gets me thinking about what I can do with my photography.

While the artists may not be completely unknown to the photography community, they are not known as big names. I applaud Adorama for producing this series and giving some light to the various artists. Take a moment to check out the series and the fine effort by Adorama.

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michael butler's picture

Thanks Doug, good call, spent this Monday a.m. looking at a few of the videos and you are right, it is inspirational. Always good to see and hear what motivates others, cheers

Douglas Turney's picture

Thank you Michael. Sometimes we need a break from gear and photoshop technics.