This Photographer Takes Street Art to a Whole New Level to Raise Ecological Awareness

New York City is more than a city; it’s a symbol worldwide, a place where everything seems possible but everything has already been done by someone else. As part of a personal project, Philippe Echaroux went there and tried to make something unique, unlike anything else that had been done in the Big Apple.

Two years ago, Echaroux traveled to the Amazonian forest with the hope of raising awareness on the deforestation that’s happening there. As you can see in the above video, he projected portraits of the local tribes on trees. The goal was to convey the idea that cutting down a tree is similar to killing someone.

With the same idea in mind, to keep his project alive, he flew to NYC. As he mentions, the difference between Amazonia and New York is quite impressive. In the forest, people live in nature which is literally everywhere, while in the city, people have tried to harness nature and live around it. He projected his images of the Amazonian tribes in Central Park as well, and the resulting contrast is astonishing. I personally wish I could see that with my own eyes and not just on the YouTube video.

What do you think of Echaroux’s project? Did he manage to create something unique in New York? Would you have liked to see the project yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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