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Fstoppers Original: Eric Bradshaw Revisited

Back when Lee and I started the idea of Fstoppers, we contacted a few friend photographers of ours to see if they would allow us to film some of their shoots for our Behind the Scenes website idea. We first featured Eric Bradshaw's beach shoot at launch but I figured I'd post the second video as well. This video was the 2nd BTS video I ever edited and I hope you can draw some inspiration for your own behind the scenes videos. Watching Eric work is also pretty inspiring too! Enjoy this video from the FS vaults.

To view more of Eric Bradshaw's work, check out his website at www.ebradshaw.com

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Tito Perez's picture

Eric seems like a great leader/director

Jim Bruzek's picture

The early photos were all natural light, but you have a Pocket Wizard on the camera during those shots...what was it being used for?

Lee Morris's picture

Jim, I believe the very first shot of the day didn't make the video and he shot it with strobe. I think he simply forgot to remove the PW after that shot.

Jim Bruzek's picture

thanks...great video and photography

Evgen Kozeko's picture

One of the best your BTS video!
I am inspired)

Fiaso Froszen's picture

I agree, very best video yet. Love the final photoshoot

Lee Morris's picture

Really best video yet? You like this better than the Peter Hurley video?

eddie's picture

While watching, I did notice that he was using natural, but I was really wondering if he had a strobe using. Then he said it "Natural Light" WOW! I feel better now when I do my Natural light shoots.. I love fs. Keep up the magnificent work.

Andrew Bright's picture

is it just me, or are the people shooting the BTS videos even better than the photographers?

Jason's picture

Hey guys..
What support arm/vest are you using with the glidecam?

Steve Masiello's picture

Great video of what looked to be a very fun shoot. Loved the light and colors especially.
LOL, Lee Morris and Patrick Hall - "Professional Photographers and Paper Throwers"

Julian Restrepo's picture

Hi!!... i was wondering the name of that table with the lights that you used at the minute 8:43!! please tell me! i want one!
and by the way you guys are the best! great video and photography

Lorna Hattler's picture

This model is gorgeous in red! My favs were both red dresses and the floating paper shots. Looked like a lot of fun. Really nice.

Nick Thomas's picture

I prefer this much more than the Peter Hurley video. Mostly because Eric hasn't got his head up his a$$ and seems like a very nice person.

Debby's picture

Really loved the setup of this video....great to get a behind the scenes look into a photoshoot like this