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Tim Shepherd Spends 2 Years Photographing Plants

When I first saw this video I was completely blown away. Using timelapse and high speed photography, Tim Shepherd and David Attenborough produce some stunning footage of plants growing over the course of 2 years. Check out this crazy video produced by the BBC

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Frank Burch's picture

I almost deleted this without viewing because I thought it sounded boring. What a mistake that would have been! Truly amazing.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

great find that is insane.

Lee Morris's picture

I am so glad this video got posted on Youtube again... no doubt the most complicated photoshoot of all time.

Brynjar's picture

Awesome! Truly wicked! I also find it funny that the DIY factor is big even with someone as big an serious as BBC.

Patrick Hall's picture

Well you know, often when you are doing something that has never been done before you really have to do a lot of it yourself. I wouldn't know where to start with a shoot like this but maybe that's why I love it so much

Keith's picture

that is one amazing BTS video

jonathan's picture

Way cool! What a great tech Shepard is.

_Don's picture

A labour of love for sure. Very interesting. But I can't help but wonder what was done with it? Who paid for it? Surely this wasn't just a "hobby idea"?

G-THREE's picture

I am not sure if I am admiring the process, or find it insane that someone in our time went true so much labor. Has this guy ever been to a movie theater in the last 15 years, or is he refusing the facts of evolution. If you going to use laser guided measurements and digital cameras, you might as well use camera tracking and compositing or even do all the plants grow in CG. Yes and there will be always some smart ass saying but CG wont look good. CGI only looks like CGI of its done poorly, no one ever gives it credit if its seamless as its to good to be notices.

So is this thing project coming out on laser disc or will it be a VHS only. lol

ZeeBone's picture

^Are you learning disabled G-THREE? Using computers to portray natural growth would be defeating the whole purpose of capturing NATURAL growth..

one5zero's picture

At 4:13 he says it's off about an inch. I thought that everyone outside the U.S. uses the metric system.

don'twanttotellyou's picture

One5Zero - Brits - expecially tradesmen (plumbers etc) - still use imperial measurements for distance. Road signs are still in Miles. We still have Pints. Metric is used in schools and hospitals but everywhere else we're still stubborn about changing :D
Don - It's the BBC - Britains premier TV and Documentary company. All their nature documentaries are this good.

Amazing footage. Always wondered how it was done. A shame that when I watch it next i'll be thinking about the trickery instead of the plants.

David Hardwick Photography's picture

This has to be one of the most amazing photographic videos I have ever seen. Tim and his colleagues have such skill and patience.