10 Lighting Mistakes in Photography

When starting out in photography, almost everyone makes mistakes. Here are 10 mistakes when it comes to using strobes and continuous lights. 

In this video coming from photographer John Gress, he talks about the 10 most common lighting mistakes he sees that many of us make, including himself. Some of these mistakes include the positioning of the light or the type of light used for the shoot. 

The two mistakes listed as number five and six both reference the use of on-camera speedlights, if you use these in your portrait work, you want to check them out. I am sure some of us have seen, If you are currently still making these mistakes today, hopefully, this video helps you understand why things may not be working in your shots and how to correct them for better photos. However, there may be times where you want to purposely make these mistakes for more of an artistic use as long as that is your intention for the shot. 

What mistakes did you notice you make quite often? What are some other common mistakes you see happening? Leave your answers in the comments below. 

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Andrew Eaton's picture

He missed the problem in the studio where the flash power is down low and the shutter speed is to slow that you end up with modeling light tungsten colour cast in the daylight balanced flash, not a good look… nearly impossible to edit out

Deleted Account's picture

That was a very helpful video, I am new to this hobby and appreciate content like this. Thank you.