10 Things People Don't Tell You About Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of the lesser understood genres, particularly when it comes to the business side of things, even though it is highly popular as a hobby. This excellent video discusses 10 lesser understood aspects of being a landscape photographer.

Coming to you from Photo Tom, this insightful video discusses 10 lesser mentioned aspects of being a landscape photographer, ranging from the business aspects of the genre to learning to temper your expectations. One aspect I think is actually great is that landscape photography requires a decent level of physical fitness. I am one of those people who hates to exercise for the sake of exercise and would rather engage in an activity of which physical fitness is a byproduct, which is one of the reasons I love shooting landscapes. For me, it is like a hike with my camera; it gets me out and about and I get to do something I love in the process. It is also quite meditative and a very peaceful experience for me. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

And if you really want to dive into landscape photography, check out "Photographing The World 1: Landscape Photography and Post-Processing with Elia Locardi." 

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(Edit: sorry for the long post!)

It's years I don't touch a single CPL filter. Not sure why people praise them so much. Often sky colors turn out so artificial and uneven that I just hate them. Maybe I'd use them in a the few occasions I find reflections on water or grass annoying.

Some will also say it's heresy, but I can often do without a tripod too, if weight does not permit a long hike (I try to carry a good 1kg Gitzo most of the times, but sometimes it ends up being too much).

And I also disagree about cost/money. Often those expensive beautiful landscapes he mentions are just overcrowded places, where I'd rather not photograph. There're cheaper places to go. They just aren't accessible easily. Physical effort has found me more beautiful landscapes than money.

About backpacks... honestly, grab the best mountaineering backpack you can. If you can find an easy way to fit and access your gear in them through e.g. front pockets and camera inserts, you and your back will never regret it: suspension systems, proper gravity center, adapt to back size, separate pockets for wet/dirty stuff and food, cinches to fit your addon mountain/camping gear, water bladder, ... You can't survive out there for 12h or multi day hikes just eating camera batteries.

So no, I'd not recommend a 500€ camera backpack as he mentions. I've spent more than that on camera specialized backpacks, and all that money is now collecting dust.

But one thing caught my attention... He's able to smell the bears??? I've met a wild bear in the past, actually rather close, but no f*** smell ;-)

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Maybe not all of them, but bears absolutely have an odor to them.

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You are wrong...those are not 10 thinks people do not tell you about landscape photography, those are the 10 bible comendaments.!! Congratulations you have light the poor and naive bunch of new photographers who believe that is peace of cake doing such material. Tell me that..I am a landscape photographer for the last 50 year..!!

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Expensive? Try underwater photography lol! Thank you for the insightful video, though

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This video is kinda sad but true. Some of my family have asked me why I don't make a living from photography. My answer has been, "Because I don't think you want me living in your basement". For me this has and will be passionate hobby. It gives me the motivation and excuse to get out and explore. Without photography, I would be couch potato.

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Landscape photography (nature photography) in general is a great passion of mine. Working full-time as an Optician doesn't leave much room for it, but I'd trade it in a heartbeat for a career in photography. Honestly, I enjoy taking a raw image and making it pop more, it then becomes your signature art in a sense, because nature is art at its best untouched.
aCherryShot Photography

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"10 things people don't tell you about rearranging your sock drawer" could be just as interesting. Landscape "genre" if we can call it that is why there is still a few dozen people on Flickr

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"If you are going to enjoy...." Stop right there.

This is the type of video that turns people off to trying, exploring, or growing, from anything from photography, to playing the cello to walleye fishing. You *don't* need the bestest, flashiest, newest, and travel around the world to enjoy whatever you choose to enjoy photography.

My challenge is to use the best I can afford buy, in the places I can get to (often in a 10 mile radius), as often as I can and find something that I find interesting. 90% of photography takes between the ears. (steps down from soapbox)