A Beginner's Guide to the Great Photos You Can Make With a Kit Lens

Kit lenses often have a bit of a bad reputation as being poor performers with low image quality, but they have improved quite a bit in recent years, and if you are a beginner, you do not necessarily need an expensive lens to learn. This great video tutorial will give you some helpful tips for working with a kit lens and show you how you can get awesome photos even with inexpensive gear. 

Coming to you from Jacek Sopotnicki, this excellent video tutorial will show you how to get awesome images with just a kit lens. No doubt, there is absolutely a place for expensive, professional-level lenses, particularly in more extreme environments that demand them. That being said, people often overlook how much they can do with a kit lens, and they are a fantastic learning tool; in fact, I think it is better as a beginner that you learn on a kit lens. If you spend money on a more specialized lens early, you might end up pigeonholing yourself into a certain genre before you have discovered what you really enjoy shooting or might end up relying on its capabilities instead of good technique and creativity. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Sopotnicki.

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