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A Close Look at Planning a Meaningful Portrait Series

Portraits are such a special and intimate thing: they offer both a representation of the subject and a window into who they are, which is why it's so important as the photographer to give the utmost consideration to how we portray those two things. This wonderful video examines just that topic, connecting it to practical advice as well.

Coming to you from Sean Tucker, this excellent video follows him as he puts together and shoots a set of portraits of three men that were mentors to him at different stages in his life. I think it's well worth watching, as Tucker reveals some very personal aspects of his life that greatly inform the portraits he subsequently shoots. I think we spend a lot of time perfecting our lighting, posing, post-processing, and the like, and while those are all assuredly important aspects of creating a successful image, the fundamental essence of a human being is something we have to consider (particularly when shooting those who have played major roles in our lives). Only then can we create portraits the connect the subject to the viewer and tell a story. It's tremendously instructive to hear Tucker talk about this and connect it with the act of shooting. 

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Anonymous's picture

What a fantastic combination of a narrative arc and an informational lecture. I kept watching to hear his stories, and learned good techniques along the way.

Robert Wagner's picture

good vid and write up. I don't usually have the attention span for videos more than 5 minutes, but i watched the whole thing. thanks for sharing.

Stephen Holmes's picture

Sean is a terrific narrative photographer. Philosophical, pragmatic, professional! Great video.

Lee Christiansen's picture

I'm feeling inspired... both by the simplicity of the setup, and by the triptych image of the gent shown.

John Ohle's picture

Great video and portraits. I really liked the triptych sets.

JP W's picture

absolutely beautiful video, in every respect. Well done.