On Developing Your Own Memorable Style as a Photographer

There are few universal measures of success in photography, but surely, one of them is having a readily recognized style. Finding yours can be a bit difficult, but this helpful video talks about what it takes to get there.

Coming to you from Antti Karppinen, this great video explores what makes some famous photographers so readily identifiable and how you too can build your own unique style. As he mentions and as we always emphasize, the place where you're going to most develop your style is in personal projects where you're free to create, unrestricted by the needs of a client. If you want to get more work that plays into your creative impulses, developing a portfolio of personal work that you can show potential clients is crucial. Beyond that, I think it's important to be very sound in your technique. It's often the case (particularly when you're starting out) that your creative ideas outpace your developing technique, so be sure to constantly work on your craft so you can effectively realize all those visions floating in your head. Don't forget to spend time studying the work of other photographers too; it's one of the quickest and most effective ways to expand your creative palette. 

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Wow, 6th post in a row Alex Cooke !! On your way to a gran slam ? ;-) (what would that be anyway ?)

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Get inspired. Dont Imitate!! Golden words...