Editing Tips for Better Winter Landscape Photos

Winter can be an absolutely wonderful time of year for landscape photography, but with the different season comes various changes in the look of your images and the way you should approach editing them. This fantastic video tutorial will give you a variety of tips for better winter landscape photo edits. 

Coming to you from Mark Denney, this great video tutorial will give you some helpful tips for creating better edits of your winter landscape photos. Personally, one of my favorite parts of winter is the numerous opportunities for more abstract photos, especially the way the snow tends to smooth out everything and allow things like branches to create fractal-like patterns across the backdrop. Personally, it is my favorite time to fly my drone, especially over water, where the interaction between broken ice, snow, and water make for very interesting, abstract, geometric images (if you want to read more about flying a drone in winter specifically, check out this article). But even if you do not have a drone or are not a landscape photographer by trade, it is a wonderful time to grab your camera and go for a walk. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Denney.

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