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Essential Skills Every Photographer Needs

No doubt, it is a lot of fun to nerd out over cameras and lenses, but becoming a successful photographer takes a variety of essential skills that have nothing to do with the latest and greatest equipment. This excellent video discusses three of those important skills and how they will make you a better photographer. 

Coming to you from Evan Ranft, this awesome video discusses some fundamental skills every photographer should have. One thing that Ranft really zeros in on through the video is the importance of the psychological aspect when photographing people. A lot of the best headshot and portrait photographers will tell you that while, yes, there is technical knowledge (like lighting setups, camera settings, and more) involved, 90 percent of their job really boils down to their ability to work to make people comfortable in front of the camera to bring out their natural essence as a person. Most people are not particularly comfortable in front of the camera, and being able to make it seem less imposing and the shoot feel more like a natural conversation will not only make the subject happier but make your job a lot easier as well. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Ranft. 

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How sad that Fstoppers have become just ads for YT videos..