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Five Fun and Cheap Items for Creative Portraiture

It's easy to get caught up in thinking of only photographically intended accessories when trying to expand your creativity and as a byproduct, getting locked into paying photography accessory prices. However, with a little imagination, some very cheap items can make for inspiring and fun portraits.

Coming to you from Jessica Kobeissi, this cool video examines five inexpensive items you can experiment with when shooting portraits to add color, interesting light flares, and more. Personally, I love playing with those prisms my eighth grade physics teacher used to teach us about light. An additional tip: the video mentions Holi powder, and while this is obviously a ton of fun to play with, be extremely careful around your equipment with it. The powder is often so fine that it can easily penetrate lenses and camera and end up scratching your beloved glass and sensors. Stick to the model rubbing it on; don't let it get airborne. Also, the cellophane is an absolutely great way to try out gelling your flash; just keep a close eye on the temperature, as too many high-powered flashes in a short time could end up melting it, and no one likes pulling gooey cellophane off their flash (as least I think not).

[via ISO 1200]

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Tim R's picture

I like the ideas! Some of them I might consider adding in post like the light leak effects which provides infinite amount of adjustments.

Elan Govan's picture

Takes me back to year years and 35mm film days. I have a box full of Cokin A creative filters. And of course the 834,472,338 viewed music video by Coldplay / Beyonce filmed in India. Recent photographed South Indian classical dancers with all the colours they can master. It is just mesmerising.