Five Years With Broncolor's Premium Battery-Powered Monolight, the Siros L

Broncolor makes some of the best lights and modifiers out there, and the Siros L adds a battery-powered design, allowing you to take them on the go. This awesome video review takes a long-term look at the Siros L and how they hold up after a lot of usage. 

Coming to you from Hk Visuals, this great video review takes a long-term look at the Broncolor Siros L moonlight. I have been personally using the Siros L Two-Light Outdoor Kit for around five years now, and I absolutely love it. I originally decided to go with it because I am a big fan of Broncolor modifiers (particularly the Paras), but the kit has been a fantastic purchase all around, with plenty of power (even when outdoors), excellent consistency, Wi-Fi control, and very good battery life. Of course, the lights are very expensive, but I know a ton of photographers who have been using the same Broncolor lights for 30 years, and if mine can last that long, they will have paid for themselves several times over easily. If you like the monolights but do not need the portability of a battery-powered version, the Siros S model is identical except for not using batteries. Check out the video above to see them in action. 

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Robert Nurse's picture

My only knock on these lights is they don't offer a way to gel the output easily. Profoto and Godox both offer the ability to gel output into modifiers. But, these more than make up for that with simplicity and convenience.

barry cash's picture

Big fan of Broncolor they have always delivered for me. More importantly great speed lights have short bursts so you can open the ambient when needed and still freeze the highlights.