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How to Add Snow to a Photograph Using Photoshop

A portrait taken in falling snow is a neat look that can create a much different atmosphere. If you don't have falling snow ready on hand for your next shoot, this helpful and fun tutorial will show you how to convincingly fake it using Photoshop.

It's that time of year when some of us spend each morning trudging through knee-deep snow to scrape an inch of ice off our cars, while those in warmer climates enjoy laughing at people like me. Regardless of your feelings on winter, snowy portraits can be a great way to capture a different look, but of course, we don't always have access to falling snow, which is where this helpful tutorial from Jesus Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel comes into play. In it, you'll learn two ways to add the effect, first by blending an image of actual snow falling, followed by creating it from scratch, which is my preferred method, as you of course have a lot more control over the density, direction, etc. You can also do neat things with the Path Blur, such as creating a swirling effect. It's a fairly quick technique, so grab a wintertime portrait and give it a try! 

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Thank you!! Worked so welll!!


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I feel kinda strange for saying how much I enjoyed watching this video because I have absolutely no intention of adding snow to a photograph.
The technique is really very clearly explained and the video was enjoyable.
Well done!
Thank you.

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