How to Remove Braces Using Photoshop

A lot of us have or have had braces at some point in our lives. And while they're a perfectly normal thing, some people are a bit self-conscious of them, so being able to remove them is a good skill for photographers to possess. This helpful tutorial will show you how to do exactly that.

Coming to you from Aaron Nace of Phlearn, this tutorial will show you how to remove braces in Photoshop. Braces are a sneakily tricky thing to deal with, as they occupy the majority of the surface of the tooth, while their proximity to dissimilar structures (gums and lips) leave little material to work with when using the Clone Stamp Tool and can give the Healing Brush Tool serious difficulties. Luckily, instead of resorting to complicated workarounds, the solution is actually elegantly simple in this case: the Brush Tool. It essentially boils down to sampling the colors of the tooth and painting them in over the braces, then doing a little blending work to bring them all together convincingly, followed by a bit of whitening. It's deceptively simple and effective. Give the video above a watch to see the entire process in action.

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