Learn More About Using Off-Camera Flash With This Great Tutorial

Having the ability to work with off-camera flash can make you a far more versatile photographer and enable many new creative avenues that simply are not possible with natural light. This great video follows a photographer as he moves from working with natural light through to multi-light setups with a wide variety of modifiers and techniques, and you are likely to learn a lot from it.

Coming to you from Robert Hall Photography, this excellent video follows him as he works with a wide variety of lighting setups using a few Godox AD600 Pro strobes. Hall works with natural light from a window in his studio through to one-light portraits with an octabox and on to multi-light setups that include v-flats for added control of the light. It is a good lesson in the incredible versatility of artificial lighting and how it can enable you to create shots that simply would not be possible otherwise. Even if you prefer natural light, I think practicing using artificial light can make you a much stronger photographer, and furthermore, it can enable you to take shots when natural light is not cooperating, an important skill to have if you plan on taking on paying clients. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Hall. 

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this is the FIRST time I have ever heard a photographer on the internet actually say " light does not wrap" !! Indeed!! I have seriously wondered if all these picture clickers were really that unaware of simple light physics , I have wondered why anyone ever believed such a ridiculous notion as wrapping light. ...Now let me tell you about the Big Foot I saw the other day.......