Posing People Who Don't Have Posing Experience

We've all been there, in a situation where you're working with either a client or a model who does not have any posing experience whatsoever, and it's up to you to make sure the shoot runs successfully.

It can be a challenge both for you and your subject, but not one that can't be handled, and having the right tricks up your sleeve might just be what makes it work. If you primarily work with experienced models, then this might not be as pertinent, though it's worth looking into because you never know if you'll need it. But if you're a portrait photographer, particularly one who caters to customers where the clients themselves are your subjects, then this topic is just for you.

Posing can be really tough. Factors such as comfort with outfits, the environment, trepidation about having a camera pointed at you, and just not knowing how you look in front of the camera can be enough to make anyone nervous about having their picture taken. For most portrait clients, this is probably the realm where most of them reside. Fortunately for them, you can take all your prior experience, education, and tips like the ones presented in this video by Julia Trotti to help them be at ease during their shoot and leave the session feeling happy and confident about how they look in their pictures.

At the end of the day, as long as your client is happy with what you captured, then you have successfully completed your job. But sometimes, it really helps to have some techniques to employ when working with someone that is particularly self-conscious or struggles with handling their body in front of the camera. This ten-minute video has a bunch of great ideas that you can put to use on that next shoot.

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Dominic Deacon's picture

My way around this is too have an experienced model assisting at all my client shoots. I worry about the lighting and the shot and the model instructs the client on posing. The more women you have together at a shoot the more at ease the client will be so it's a system that works well.

stir photos's picture

i usually go for "blue steel" first, or maybe "ferrarri" or "le tigre"...