This Quick Tip Will Make You a Better Photographer

Everyone wants to get better in their photography skills and we keep learning constantly. Eventually, we keep accumulating so much knowledge that once in a while a reminder of few of the basics is always good. Here is a quick tip that will make you a better photographer anytime.

This video comes from Mark Wallace as he opens up marking his eight years at Adorama TV; certainly a stint of knowledge sharing to look up to. Coming to the tip he talks about here, he emphasizes the importance of getting closer to the subject. Yes, it is getting your camera closer and closer to things you shoot. Might sound trivial but we so often miss out on this technique when we are busy with other things like camera settings and lighting. Though simple, it is amazing to see how getting close to your subject gives you interesting perspectives on an otherwise normal subject. And it is not just the perspective, but an emotional connection that you will be able to portray in the picture. The tip comes handy when shooting portraits, landscape, street, and many other genres of photography. On a serious note, just be careful if you are into wildlife photography as getting closer to the subject is at your own risk.

Take a look at the video to get a full run on the idea.

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